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Tornados In Florida

You read that right! We are talking about Tornados in the sunshine state, not hurricanes. Many of us have seen Twister, or The Wizard of Oz and grew up thinking Tornados were something middle America experienced frequently. But more and more frequently we are finding ourselves receiving tornado warnings here in Florida! In fact, Florida has a higher frequency of tornadoes per 10,000 square miles than any other state, including Oklahoma!*

So, what does that mean for us Floridians? Well, firstly we need to make sure we are prepared. Florida tornados are strongest in the spring months, and are more likely to hit the coast between Tampa Bay and Fort Myers and the panhandle western coast. Do you have a safe place to hide when tornados hit? The right type

of shelter is essential in experiencing and staying safe during a tornado. We know a lot of Florida homes do not have a basement to hide in. Instead, find a first floor room with no windows, such as a bathroom. The aftermath of the storm can be power outages and restricted access to roads and supplies. We are no strangers to hurricanes and understand how important it is to be prepared for those storms. Tornados are more sporadic, so its best to keep a water supply and non-perishable items stored at all times.

Even though tornados are more likely to strike in the spring on the west coast of Florida, that doesn’t mean we are immune to them for the rest of the year. Just in January 2022, we saw major tornado damage in Ft. Myers and Naples. Over 28 homes were destroyed and some locals suffered from injuries.

The aftermath of a tornado in most cases are the worst part. Many victims are displaced and left without power for weeks. Others have lost everything to the storm. Floridians, and other people that will more likely find themselves int he path of a tornado, should make sure that their insurance policy supports them when devastation strikes. Do you know what is covered under your insurance policy? Is damage caused by tornados and storms covered? The good news is more likely than not, your insurance will cover tornado damage, because tornado storms are considered wind storms, and wind damage is covered.

Be sure that when you do have damage created by a tornado that you document everything. Take pictures and videos. Keep receipts of extra expenses. If you need to find alternative housing, this can be covered too. If you have need help with filing an insurance claim for tornado damage to your home, please contact us today. We offer FREE claim reviews and don’t get paid until you do! Contact us today by emailing or calling 305-363-2400.

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