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Can Hurricanes be Fun??

NO! But, while it's important to take hurricane preparedness seriously, there's no harm in injecting a little humor into the situation. This is Hurricane Preparedness month, so get ready and don't forget to bring your sense of humor along for the ride…

Here's a lighthearted take on hurricane preparedness:

1. Stock up on essentials, like water, non-perishable food, a good book and plenty of beer and wine! Who said you can't enjoy some downtime during a hurricane?

2. Make sure your pets are taken care of, too. Don't forget their favorite treats and toys to keep them calm and happy.

3. Charge all your electronics, because let's be honest, binge-watching Netflix during a hurricane is a must..!

4. Secure all outdoor furniture AND decorations. You don't want your beloved Garden Gnome turning into a dangerous projectile.

5. Invest in a good rain jacket and boots, or just embrace the opportunity to wear your tackiest rain gear.

6. Take advantage of the power outage and play some board games by candlelight. Just make sure to keep an eye on those candles, better yet, let’s use a battery powered lantern!

7. Keep a sense of humor… Hurricanes can be stressful, but BEING PREPARED can help alleviate some of the tension.

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