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Know Your Rights

When damage happens in your home, it can be very stressful and interrupts day-to-day life. The last thing that you need is to give your insurance company any reason to delay or even deny your claim. It is, at best, an inconvenience when you are trying to restore the very place that you and your family live in. And, at worst, you may have to temporarily move out until repairs are made. What you need to know is that you have

rights as a Policy Holder that are protected under the state of Florida, and your insurance company must respect those rights. Here is a “cheat sheet” for you to hold onto should you encounter damage to your home and need to file a claim.

14 days from filing your claim

Insurance Company needs to provide communication that the claim was received.

30 days from filing your claim

Insurance Company should provide the status of your claim

45 days from filing your claim

Insurance Company needs to send an inspector to asses the damages

90 days from filing your claim

Insurance Company needs to provide the payment amount, should the claim not be denied.

0-14 days

Once you have reported your claim with the insurance company, they have 14-days to communicate acknowledgment of the claim to you. If you haven’t heard from them within that two-week window, they aren’t doing right by you. 14 days can seem like a long time, but set a reminder for yourself to make sure that once that time has expired, you have heard from them.

0-30 days

Within 30 days of your reported claim, with a written request, your insurance company needs to provide you with a status of your claim. At this point in the process, the insurer should advise you whether or not your claim will be covered completely, partially covered or whether it has been denied or is under investigation. If your claim is not fully covered, remember that you can still appeal their decision.

0 - 45 days

The insurance company must come to your property for an in-person inspection within 45 days of receiving the proof-of-loss statements. The estimate from the inspection must be provided to the insurance policy holder within 7 days of that visit.

0-90 days

Within 90 days, you will receive the payment to cover the damages on your claim, if it was approved.

You may still have some questions about the process of filing an insurance claim, and we are happy to help with some Q&A’s below, but feel free to comment below, or send us an email at with any other questions you may have.

Q: Should I get the damages to my home repaired before I receive the money from the insurance company?

You should mitigate the damages so the issues so that it doesn’t get worse. For example, turn off the water where it is leaking, or put a tarp on the roof, if needed. But if possible, you should wait to get the check from the insurance company before making any improvements.

Q: What if the insurance company doesn’t pay on time, or well after the 90 day period, and I have already paid for the damages myself? Will the insurance company also over any interest rates that may have accumulated that are attributed to the claim?

Yes, here at Compass Claim Consultants we will work to get you the interest if the insurance company has delayed any payments.

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