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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Work With A Public Adjuster

Discovering damage to your home is never a walk in the park. In fact, it’s more of an overwhelming inconvenience that needs to be resolved immediately.

Your reaction may be to contact a repair company to patch things up quickly. But, what if I told you there is a better, more convenient way of handling that repair, one that may actually result in more money in your pocket?

Here are 3 BIG reasons why…

1. Handing the Claims Process From A - Z

How familiar are you with insurance claims processes?

How familiar are you with on hold music and dealing with insurance company operators?

You are probably more familiar with the latter, and just the thought of that can make anyone feel frustrated.

Insurance companies work for you, remember that. They are supposed to be there for you in times of need. What is that catchphrase - like a good neighbor?

But in times of need, they can often feel as though they are working against you. Making you jump through hoops during a long and tedious process that in the end leaves you feeling desperate for any settlement.

You can avoid all of this when working with a professional public adjuster who has vast experience, and understands the insurance companies procedures. This is especially important during hurricane season when insurance companies are receiving many claims, you need someone to be fighting for you to see the entire claim through.

2. Timing

When there has been damage to your home you want it fixed quickly, and need the settlement money even faster. Most times when working with a public insurance adjuster the entire process from making the claim to getting reimbursed must faster than going at it alone. The insurance companies know that when working with a certified public adjuster, there is no lingering on a case. Every detail of the claim will be perfectly processed to ensure it gets settled quickly and fairly.

3. $More $Money$

Don’t be fooled, insurance companies are known for finding ways to underpay and often deny claims that they should be covering! Get the money that is owed to you! You are paying insurance companies a lot of money for them to cover the costs of damages to your property. By hiring a public adjuster, particularly one that understands the value of your home and its’ items, you will most likely be reimbursed with a higher settlement, typically 3 - 4x more!

Have a new claim or a claim that has been denied? Contact us today for a FREE claim review!

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