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What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is someone that is an expert in insurance coverage, the insurance claim process, and that is hired to work for the insured, not the insurance company.

When you file an insurance claim, your insurance company will assign an adjuster to your case in order to help with your claim. However, that adjuster works for the insurance company, and most likely has that company’s best interest at heart. They will probably settle at a lesser amount than you could otherwise receive.

This situation, although ideal for the insurance company, is not fair for the consumer. This is when a public adjuster comes into play. A public adjuster has no association with your insurance company, will represent you in the case, and will work to get you the most money back for your claim, and they typically do not get paid until a settlement is paid.

Here are some tips on how to find a public adjuster that is right for you:

Tip #1 - Look for licenses and certifications.

Public adjusters here in Florida must have an active license in order to work. We would recommend that you also look to see if they have any affiliations (such as membership in FAPIA, the Florida Association for Public Insurance Adjusters) and certificates. You want to pick someone with vast experience and connections.

Tip #2 - Reviews are the best referrals.

Check google, Facebook, Yelp, and any other platform where a business may be rated. You can also ask your fellow neighbors and friends on platforms like Next-door Neighbor and Facebook. There you find real people with real experiences with that public adjuster. You want someone you can trust that you know will work hard to get the money you are rightly owed for any covered damage to your home.

"John is very trustworthy; he goes over and above to accommodate you with the case. The office personnel (Gladys) is so easy to work with too. I highly recommend John (Compass Claim) to everyone who needs a trustworthy, reliable adjuster that always looks out for your best interest." – Sandra

Tip #3 - Avoid any public adjuster that asks for money upfront.

Public adjusters get paid through a percentage of the paid claim. Think of it as your own insurance with the public adjuster. They shouldn’t get paid until you do.

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