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How to Minimize Damage To Your Home During the Summer

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Summer can be the south’s version of winter, especially when considering the harsh damage that can happen to a home in these few months. High temperatures, storm damage and frequent flooding are just some of the weather related occurrences that can create major damage to your property.

Here are some suggestions to help minimize any damage to your home, or property.

  1. Have your roof checked! When was the last time you, or a professional took a look at your roof? Pay mind to where water may be collecting, or tiles may be cracked. Fixing your roof now can help prevent water damage to your home, and this can be some of the worst damage that we see. Ceiling leaks, or water in the walls may take some time to notice. Pay attention to circles on the ceiling, rust marks on edges or corners, or drip marks or swelling of the walls.

  2. Peak around your windows and doors. Replace weather strips or reseal any caulking that needs to be replaced. Again, we are trying to minimize water entering the home and creating irreversible damage.

  3. Hurricane proof your windows and doors. If you haven’t made the switch yet to hurricane proof windows or doors, now may be a good time to consider the change. If you are not ready, ensure that your shutters are cleaned, greased and ready to be installed at any given moment. Both shutters and hurricane impact windows will provide protection from dangers storms.

  4. Tend to your landscaping. Older and taller trees around your property may need to be trimmed, cut back or even removed from the property. Especially consider any that may block an exit from the home if they were to fall. Look for any that hang near or around your roof as well. We receive a lot of calls for trees that have fallen on a home or roof.

  5. Properly prepare for a storm. The best thing that you can do is prepare for the worst. Make sure you are ready to put up any shingles, or other protection you may need to add to your home. Try to bring your cars to higher ground. Get sand bags from home improvement stores or local communities that regularly distribute them. Move furniture or valuable items aways from windows. Store your valuables such as photos, letters, artwork, jewelry, etc.

Our homes ensure a lot during the summer months.

Let’s be sure we protect them the best that we can.

Should you need help with a claim if there is damage to your home, contact us right away. We offer FREE claim reviews, and don't get paid until you do!

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