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Burst Pipes? Here are the signs!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Homes can come with a slew of problems, and if you are a homeowner you are no stranger to this. I believe the saying is “A house is never finished”! It seems that there is always something to do or repair, especially with older homes. But sometimes the problem is beyond what meets the eye. Behind the paint and wallpaper and decor, your house is lined with pipes to bring you warm and cold water for showers, laundry, washing dishes and hands. Others take away the dirty water. So what happens when one of these pipes is damaged? And, even more importantly, how will you know? Here’s what to look for:

Increased water bills. We typically have a similar water bill every month, or every three months. If you see that your water bill has increased by more than what is considered normal, there may be a leak occurring. This is an easy red flag for you to notice.

Inconsistent water pressure. There is nothing more irritating than when you are trying to take shower and there isn’t enough pressure, or the pressure is slow and then suddenly bursts out. This is another sure sign that something is not rig

ht with the pipes. Also, if the water has a strange smell or color to it, this is another identifiable way to see that there is a problem with the pipes.

Puddles of water and mold. More commonly you may find small, or even large puddles for example, under your sink or toilets. If the water is collected in a place that you cannot see, say under your house or in a crawl space, you may start smelling or noticing mold developing along walls, in corners, etc. Let’s hope it doesn’t get to the point of mold, because this can not only be harmful to your home, but also to your health.

Drip, drip, drip. The sound alone can drive you crazy. Beyond that noise, the damage can be considerable, especially if the dripping is coming from behind a wall and not easily accessible. You should be familiar with the sounds of your home, this is something you will probably notice, especially when the house is quiet.

Water stains or rust marks. Water running along walls will build up and create stains on your walls, joints and edges on the wall. This is a sure sign there is water where there shouldn’t be. Paint and wood may even start to peel and crack. You may also start to see bubbling and discoloration. The first time you start to see this, take action.

What you should do next:

  • Turn off water

  • Contact a plumber

  • Take videos and photos of any damage

  • Call a Public Adjuster that will help with your insurance claim and get you the most money for your repair

If you have need help with filing an insurance claim for bursting pipes, or pipe damage, please contact us today. We offer FREE claim reviews and don’t get paid until you do! Contact us today by emailing or calling 305-363-2400.

Here at Compass Claim Consultants, we handle all types of claims for homeowners. Let us help you get the most money out of your claim today.

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