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Are You Ready For Hurricane Season?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Getting yourself prepared for a hurricane can be both physically and mentally exhaustive. The best way to really do it is with proper planning so that when an emergency strikes, you aren’t finding yourself in the empty water isle at Publix.

Below you will find a link to the official Miami Dade Hurricane Guide, but we also wanted to point out our top three things we recommend you do right away for this season.


Almost think of this as if you were going camping for a week with your family. What are the essentials you will need to get you through a week without power. Water, canned non-perishable goods, gas, candles (preferably battery operated), batteries, generator - and anything else you could think of including what may be needed if you have pets as well. If you have kids, let them pick out a few back up treats so that this is less scary of a process. And charge those extra battery packs you have lying around!


Take a thorough scan of your home to see where there may be points of weakness. One of the most obvious items for your to consider are hurricane impact windows - or shutters. Now if you have shutters, I would urge you to test them out. Are they rusty? Easy to install? Will you need to consider asking a neighbor for help when then time comes for needing them? Know what you will do ahead of time - do not wait for time of urgency, others will need to prepare in advance as well if you need their assistance.

Check around your house as well for any loose power lines or old trees to inform your city if they need repair or trimming. The last thing you need is another dangerous hazard to hurdle during a hurricane.


Many homes in South Florida are nestled along the waterfront, or near a body of water, it’s one of the reasons why this suburban city is so appealing! However living so close to the water can present dangerous situations during a hurricane. Know which zones you reside in and where the evacuation routes are. Also - if you need to leave the city, as many of us have done in the past, take time to plan two or three back up locations on where you may go. If you plan on needing a hotel, put away some money now - even if its small - having an emergency stash can prove helpful and reduce stress if the time comes.

Also - as we all saw with Hurricane Irma, having that extra gasoline on hand can be very handy when trying to evacuate the sunshine state. You can also map out some gas stations along your route. The ones a mile or so off of 95 or the Turnpike may also be less frequented and worth the extra drive.

Should you need help with a claim if there is damage to your home, contact us right away. We offer FREE claim reviews, and don't get paid until you do!

Below please find a link to the official Miami Dade Hurricane Guide. Stay safe!

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