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Damage in this group include water that leaks from Plumbing, A/C, Fire protection sprinklers, Appliances (such as the supply line to your Refrigerator or Dish washer). Also, items such as water lines, drain pipes, supply lines, shower pans or drains, toilet supply or over-flow, water filters, sinks, bath tubs, or water heaters...

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Fires are extremely emotional and upsetting, we have been there...

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A Fire claim can be very stressful for the homeowner. You will be inundated with requests from the Fire Dept., Fire marshall, Clean-up and Dry-out companies, and the list goes on... All this while you are enduring a very emotional occurance. You may have lost expensive items, family heirlooms, jewlery, etc., and may also have to find a temporary place to live. It is important that you understand what your policy covers. For example, you may have "sub-limits" which may limit the amount of coverage for your jewlerey, for example, to only $1,000.

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When  nature takes a turn for the worse, we will be there for you...

Hurricanes and windstorm damage are very common claims in Florida. If a Hurricane hits, the Insurance Adjusters become over-worked and overwhelmed. A Public Adjuster will know who to contact at the Insurance Company to get your claim handled quickly and will handle the process for you. In the case of a Tornado or just wind-driven rain, we will ensure to properly document your claim, even using forensic meterology records, if need be.



These claims can be tricky, let us help you through the process...

Your Policy probably covers theft and/or vandalism. But what you may not realize is that there can be sub-limits, which cap how much certain items are covered for. Your extensive jewelery or coin collection might only be insured for a realtively small amount, $1000 or $2000 is very common. Call us to review your policy if you have special collections or large quantites of specific items. CONTACT US TODAY